10 Ideas for Sustainable Christmas presents

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing but what are you going to give and share? In a last minute rush it is easy to grab presents that are beautifully-packaged, gimmicky junk – made in places and conditions you know nothing about.

Here are 10 ideas for sustainable Christmas presents:

1. Give one good-quality, durable gift

Children (and sometimes adults) often get a number of presents which are mostly junk and are tossed out after a few days or less. Think about buying fewer, higher-quality presents that will last longer. Avoid disposable anythings.

2. Give a ‘green’ present

Give organic, natural, renewable presents; an organic cotton or hemp t-shirt; a bowl made from recycled wood; a straw hat. If you are into gimmicky presents choose something like a wind-up torch or solar powered battery recharger.

3. Give a tree or pot plant

Seedlings and pot plants are a great present that will endure. Choose native plants that will encourage native birds and insects. Potted herbs will supply culinary enjoyment and pleasant aroma for as long as they last.

4. Give a useful, practical present

I guess everyone has received (and perhaps given) one of those useless, whimsical Christmas-themed presents – perhaps you have received many – and they end up being thrown out. Useful, practical presents like food, clothes or tools are much more sustainable. Other useful options are sunblock and natural personal care products.

5. Give a locally made present

Buying locally made products not only helps the local economy it also helps the environment. Rather than supporting faceless multi-national corporations, supporting local people, people you may know, will help them have a better christmas too.

6. Give a second-hand present

A classic or antique vase, bowl or ornament. A piece of memorabilia. A hard-to-get, second-hand book.

7. Give a hand-made (or even home-made) present

The personal touch means a lot to people. The more personal the better. Make some jam, preserves, sauce or relish. Bake biscuits or cakes. Make a wooden breadboard or bowl. Give an artwork or a well-made piece of craftwork.

8. Give a donation

You can give a donation to a worthy charity on another person’s behalf.

9. Give a book about sustainability

Spread the word, share your knowledge and your passion.

10. Think about the wrapping

At the end of Christmas day there is usually a huge pile of wrapping paper and packaging. Try to buy gifts with less packaging and instead of wrapping them put them into a nice reusable bag or box or wrap them in a scarf or bandanna.

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