10 Tips to becoming a sustainable student!

Written by Shannon Dowdall, Student, AUT

As a student there are many ways that you can be more sustainable, here are 10 good ideas to start with:

  1. Being at University for long days means you are guaranteed at some point to need to be buying food! The only problem with this is the excessive plastic containers the food comes in, so a great way around this issue is to bring your own containers!
  2. Or better yet, bring your own food from home! This way you are saving money and resources.
  3. Busing, this is not only a cost-effective but sustainable mode or transport for students.
  4. Or, if you live close enough, biking or walking is an even better option! An easy way to get some fresh air, plus your wallet will thank you.
  5. As a student, we all understand coffee is a necessity. But the amount of un-recyclable waste that your coffee comes in is not. Introducing a keep cup! A University students best friend.
  6. Living on a budget is something most students can relate too, however your wardrobe does not have to suffer! Which is why op-shopping is an awesome alternative to getting some one-of-a-kind pieces, and to say no to fast fashion.
  7. Moon Cups! Besides sanitary products contributing to huge amount of environmental waste, they are also often coated in nasty chemicals that are not only bad for you but also for the environment!
  8. Renting a book from the library is a much more sustainable way to get your resources, rather than printing a dozen pages.
  9. Making a choice to not purchase foods that are covered in plastic. Refuse the plastic and remember; your money is your vote.
  10. Become more conscious of the waste of the food you’re eating, and consider lowering your meat and dairy intake, as both industries contribute to huge amounts of environmental waste and damage.