How to thrive

I talk about the thrive-at-least-cost mindset but what does that look like in practice?

There are many, many ways people in affluent countries can live simply and be more self-sufficient. The self-sufficiency mindset is a way for people to live genuine lives of well-being on their own terms and in their own way, and therefore thrive.

The following YouTube channels show a handful of examples of people who have eschewed the nine-to-five rat-race and living in a conventional house, and are living the dream of a nomad, an off-grid or another sort of alternative lifestyle.

Maximus Ironthumper

Max is the consummate do-it-yourselfer. He has built a homestead, workshop, garden, vehicles and even a mobile organ. He is a calm gentle person with a great personality and a great smile. He is very motivating.

Elsa Rhae & Barron

Elsa and Barron are an American couple who for years travelled around the USA living in a 13ft travel trailer (caravan). They recently bought bare land in Colorado and have been busy building their off-grid life with their two dogs.

Slim Potatohead

Slim is Canadian who also travels in a tiny caravan. He is currently restoring an old cabin on the sea coast in New Brunswick. He records his lifestyle and shares it on YouTube.

Simple Living Alaska

Ariel and Eric quit their jobs in the lower 50 and moved to Alaska where they built a cabin themselves and they document their lives as off-grid homesteaders. They fish, forage and hunt as well as growing lots of vegetables and keeping chickens.

Foresty Forest

Foresty lives in a small van and travels arount Canada and the US looking for mountains to climb with his Jack Russell, Coco. As well as mountain climbing, Foresty is into fat biking, cooking, hiking, camping and just generally living the dream.

Drake Paragon

Drake and Monique cruise the world aboard their sailboat and home called ‘Paragon.’ Their videos are focused on offshore sailing, living aboard, cultural immersion, friendship, and adventure!  Their videos cover sailing from North Carolina to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Ireland, Norway and Svalbard and exploring many exciting ports along the way.

The Indie Projects

Bee and Theo, from England, spent six years living in and travelling the world in a campervan, along with their cat Ginjey Bear. More recently they bought a piece of land in Portugal and they have been rennovating an old run down barn into a wonderful tiny home.