By carpooling you can save fuel, money and the environment. You also reduce the number of cars on the road which improves travel times and reduces accidents.


Why carpool?

Carpooling (sometimes called ride-sharing or lift-sharing) with one other person to and from work you will halved the amount of greenhouse gases that you emit. That’s a good, easy reduction! If there are 4 people you have quartered your greenhouse gas emissions.

Apart from helping the environment there are other compelling reasons to carpool:

To save money

Its simple. If you share your transport costs with just one other person you have instantly halved your travel costs. Taking a car to work costs on petrol, parking and wear and tear on your car. It could easily cost you $20/day to take your car to work. That’s $5,000/year! Buy sharing with just one person you could save $2,500/year.

To reduce traffic

Did you know that over 160,000 people take their cars into work each day in New Zealand. How often have you sat alone in traffic surrounded by other single occupant vehicles? There would be less traffic problems if everyone shared transport and you would get to work quicker. Reducing traffic also reduces the number of accidents on the roads.

To help others

Public transport can be a hassle; it’s often impractical or even non-existent. And some people don’t own their own vehicle or can’t drive for any number of reasons yet could still use a ride to work.

So talk to your local friends and neighbours…

  • Put a notice on a local noticeboard
  • Ask your friends on social media
  • Put flyers in letterboxes on your street
  • There are also a number of carpooling websites, do a web search for carpooling in your local area

For more information

To find carpooling initiatives in your area try searching the web using ‘carpooling’, ‘ride sharing’ and ‘lift sharing’ as keywords.