Reduce the heat lost through windows by installing double glazing or low-E glass, or by using thermal drapes.

Double glazing and window options

In a well-insulated home, most heat escapes through windows and other glazing (such as skylights and glass doors).

Whether you’re planning a new home, renovating or maintaining an existing home, you can minimise these problems by:

  • choosing energy efficient windows (such as double glazing or low-E glass) and framing
  • making careful choices about the location, size and types of glazed areas in your home

You’ll need to consider climate, your home’s orientation towards the sun and your priorities – comfort, appearance, cost and so on. For a more comfortable home, choose double glazing or fit secondary glass to your existing windows. The investment will be worthwhile – a warmer, healthier, quieter home with lower power bills.

Double glazing vs single glazing