Grey water recycling systems recycle bathroom and laundry waste-water by diverting it away from sewerage drains and instead using it to irrigate your garden.

Grey water recycling

Water from your bathroom and laundry accounts for approximately 50% of a households water use – which could be used to water your garden.

Using a greywater recycling system you can divert this water into an irrigation system. In dry conditions this will water your garden without you having to think about it or water restrictions. In wet conditions water that isn’t needed by plants will seep through to groundwater and get cleaned by the soil along the way.

Benefits of a greywater system:

  • by reducing town water consumption, it means that less pressure is placed on the environment to provide a clean, fresh supply of water
  • any recycled water used in excess of garden requirements will recharge groundwater
  • recycled water is purified in the biologically active region of the soil resulting in clean ground water
  • recycled water aids plant growth in areas where water may not be readily sourced
  • the nutrients held within recycled water that is disposed of down the water sewer results in a form of erosion of the fertility of the land
  • in addition to helping to protect the environment, money can be saved long term by recycling water – in areas where water rates apply, reducing water consumption results in lower cost
  • in areas where water restrictions apply due to droughts, the expense of replacing plants annually is significantly reduced