Donella Meadows - Heroes of Sustainability
Donella Meadows

Heroes of Sustainability

Everybody needs role models to emulate, people who will guide, motivate and teach us and this is why we have created this section on heroes of sustainability.

Whilst Econation is very proud of the information we provide we know that people learn in all sorts of ways. Our information is useful and valuable but we realise that many people do not learn by reading what can be rather dry information.

The other problem is that we have always assumed that people are motivated to live sustainably and are therefore willing to make the effort to learn. Unfortunately too many people aren’t motivated to be sustainable. If only they realised the true benefits of sustainability which is a life of well-being and prosperity that is not connected to the quantity of consumption or material wealth.

The heroes featured in this section are people who have motivated us through their actions as well as their words. In fact, heroes tend to be heroes because of their deeds rather than words.

Of course there are countless ordinary people who are quietly setting the example of sustainable living in their neighbourhoods and communities. However the people featured here are those that have stood up in the public forum and actively encouraged change for the better. In the end it is up to us to listen to them, emulate them and heed their advice.

As Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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