This page outlines a variety of nature conservation initiatives and measures that help protect the world’s biodiversity and natural capital.

Nature conservation

Strategies to stop pollution, climate change and over-consumption are essential to halt habitat loss but there there are also a variety of nature conservation methods and measures that are needed to help protect the world’s biodiversity. These include:

Protected areas

Protected areas and conservation corridors will ensure that habitats are not completely lost.

Protected species

By pinpointing endangered species authorities can put them on protected species lists. It is still up to individuals to respect these lists.


Ecotourism benefits from conservation by helping conservation. Through ecotourism both business operators and the tourists can help natural ecosystems through responsible, sustainable management and use.

Pest control

The control of introduced pests and noxious organisms is crucial for conserving biodiversity.


Conservation requires the education of people at local, regional and national levels through conservation policies and awareness programmes.

Research, monitoring and evaluation

Ongoing research, monitoring and evaluation of habitats – protected and unprotected – is crucial for deleoping policy and appropriate courses of action. The evaluation of conservation initiatives will help improve existing measures as well as inform new measures.


Everyone has to work together at all levels from helping a single expert protect an endangered species to giving aid to poor countries to help fund national conservation projects. You can donate your money to charities or you can donate your time and manpower to initiatives like beach clean-ups, pest eradication or species monitoring. Please visit the links to the right to find out how you can get involved.

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