Things of quality have no fear of time

– Traditional saying


You can do more good with less if you choose quality products and services.

When people say that something is good quality they are referring to characteristics like durability, lack of defects, usefulness and aesthetic appeal. These characteristics means there is less waste because something that is more useful, lasts longer and looks better is going to be kept longer. Something that breaks easily or wears out quickly is going to be thrown out and replaced.

We will enjoy using them more and will therefore like to look after them more. If something is junk, it will be junked. If something is quality, it will be savoured.

Items of quality are more valuable and therefore usually cost more to buy. People often say they can’t afford quality goods but this usually a case of false economy. If a quality product is more useful and lasts longer then you will get more ‘bang for your buck’ (which is another way of saying ‘more with less’).

A case in point

A pair of good quality, well-fitted shoes will be worn more and will last longer than cheap, ill-fitting shoes. This author has a pair of custom-made chukkas that are now 23 years old. They are very comfortable and they still look good, in fact they have improved with age. The leather is stiffer and has cracked a little but with care and preventative maintenance they are still a joy to wear. The chukkas were quite expensive when they were purchased, about $400, and they have been resoled twice (perhaps another $100) but I have worn them at least 500 times, probably much more. That’s $1 per wear.

I bought a pair of cheap slip-on boots a few years ago. The first time I wore them, the whole sole and heal came apart as I was taking them off. I took them back to the shop who replaced them with another pair. After wearing this new pair about ten times I was embarrassed to wear them any more because just a few small scuffs had made them uncleanable and unsightly. The cheap boots were about $100, they lasted a couple of months and I wore them no more than ten times. That’s $10 per wear.