To reuse waste isn’t waste at all. Reusing is not the same as recycling. It is when you (or someone you give or sell it to) uses the same thing again instead of throwing it away.


Reusing is really about getting the most out of something.

Much of what we throw away is perfectly good – it’s just that we don’t need it any more. If you have something you don’t need any more don’t trash it, instead you can:

  • Give it to a friend or relative
  • Give it to charity
  • Lend it out
  • Sell it on Trade-me or have a garage sale

Sometimes you throw something out because it is broken or not working. You could get it fixed.

Reusing is not just about what you already have though. Before you buy something, think about it. There is no point in buying something if you are just going to use it once. If you need to use something once then hire or borrow it. And if you really want to have it to keep you can always buy it second-hand.