Heating your home is crucial for keeping it healthy, comfortable and dry. Making your home ‘heat tight’ and managing heat properly will reduce the amount of energy used for heating.

Space heating

Home heating tips

It is not just how you heat your house that matters but also how you manage that heat. There are a number of other simple strategies that will help make the most of the heat in your house, many of them are common sense but there may be some you haven’t thought about.

Passive solar design

Heat from the sun is free and often plentiful, the trick is getting it into your house and keeping it there. Passive solar design includes orienting the house and rooms to make the best use of the sun. It is also about window placement and size.


Well insulated homes are cheaper to heat, cheaper to maintain, warmer, drier, healthier and easier. The building code stipulates minimum levels of insulation but these are not necessarily ideal levels and it is good practice to have higher levels of insulation.

Double glazing and window treatments

Reduce the heat lost through windows by installing double glazing or low-E glass, or by using thermal drapes.

Sustainable space heaters

There are many way to heat a house and some are more efficient and/or more sustainable than others. Some of the more sustainable options are outlined on this page are: heat pumps, wood burners and wood pellet stoves.

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