There is no delight in owning anything unshared

– Seneca


Sharing allows you to do more good with less and sharing feels good because it is good – for people and planet.

Whether you share a ride with your neighbour to work, share your things amongst family and friends, or share your knowledge about growing vegetables you are helping create a more sustainable world.

There are so many ways in which you can share but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Tips for sharing

Borrow and lend

We don’t all need to own everything. Give what you hardly ever use to someone who will use it (and tell them you will borrow it back if you need it). Instead of buying that water-blaster, which you might only use a few times a year, borrow your neighbours’ – and bake them a cake in return! You can borrow books, toys, movies and music from libraries.

Give to charity

If you have stuff that is still in good condition and you don’t need it any more you can give it to charity who can the sell it or give it to people who need it.

Share your time

You could volunteer to plant trees, or to clean up rivers, beaches and parks. You could join in working bees at your local school. You could visit and help sick or housebound people.


If you share a ride to work with a neighbour you both halve your fuel bill, wear and tear on your car and CO2 emissions as well as having one less car on the road.


Renting may not be sharing exactly but it’s similar because a single item is being used by a number of people. If you can’t borrow then rent. A great new service is Hire Things where you can display items that you would like to rent online so that people in your area who want to rent them can find them.

Share your knowledge

Write an article, add comments to blogs, give a talk at the local community hall or become a sports coach at the local school.

Sharing can literally save lives

Share your blood and you may literally help save a life.

And even more…

People share cars, holiday houses, jobs, clothes/accessories and even pets.