The KISS Principle – keeping it simple and elegant

The KISS Principle

“Any fool can make things complicated, it requires a genius to make things simple.” – E.F. Schumacher Keep it Simple, Stupid KISS stands for …

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Affordable housing

Unaffordable housing

We wrote in this article about the factors that make housing affordable. Now we will look at some of the factors that make unaffordable …

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Learning self-sufficiency

Learning Home Economics

In recent decades the practical study of Home Economics at school has slowly been sidelined. We live in a society which encourages people to …

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Nomad life – Vandwelling

Nomad life

A housing alternative, a lifestyle alternative Another alternative to the housing crisis is nomad life. This is a lifestyle that is being increasingly pursued …

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Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny Houses

There are many alternatives to the standard ways of building houses. One solution that has become increasingly common are tiny houses.  There is no …

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