If you are a regular to Econation you will notice that we are now*

Econation has always been about Oneness – One planet, One nation, One life.

“We only have one life and one planet, and we need to look after both”
– Michael Lockhart, Founder, Econation

One nation, one planet

Oneness is the essence of the name Econation.

The ‘Eco’ in Econation stands for ecology and thus: ecosystem, ecosphere or more broadly, Planet Earth. ‘Eco-’ comes from the Greek word ‘Oikos’, meaning ‘household,’ ‘home,’ or ‘place to live.’ Planet Earth is the shared home of all people and all life.

‘Nation’ stands for ‘the people’. A nation is a group of people with something in common; this could be a country, culture, race, religion, region or, in this case, our shared planet. The most significant environmental issues of our time – climate change, sea level rises, soil erosion, deforestation, habitat loss, desertification – are truly global. This is because our economies are global, and it is impossible to restrict the impacts these economies make within national borders.


People talk about national and international, but we talk about ‘Econational’. While national and international implies political and economic divisions, Econational stands for a much broader interpretation where people and the ecosystems we live in are considered in terms such as well-being and sustainability. While it is essential to embrace and celebrate cultural, ethnic, religious, racial and historical differences, it is also necessary to transcend these differences sometimes and acknowledge that our shared existence is limited by the earth’s capacity to provide for all life, including us. We must find ways to work together to ensure the enduring quality of our shared ‘home’ for the current and all future generations.

The name reflects Econation’s core values including wholeness, simplicity, unity, cooperation and authenticity. Our logo is intended to do the same. The circle is a symbol of oneness, wholeness, eternity, life, evolution, vitality, integrity and excellence.

Whilst we were founded and are based in New Zealand (hence our former address our message is universal. Universal literally means ‘turned into One’ and so Also, we are not a company (.co). We don’t sell any goods and services, and we operate on the generosity of patrons and donors. (Please donate here!)

Econation professes and promotes Sustainabilism which is our word for ‘environmentally sustainable human well-being’. It is a holistic system of well-being which says what is good for people is good for the planet and vice-versa. We advocate simple living with reduced ecological footprints and for people to unite in the protection and care of our shared planet.

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